Pivotek’s prefabricated modular bathrooms and kitchenette PODs improve construction for hospitality, healthcare, and housing projects.

Pivotek’s approach to prefab modular bathrooms enables you to reap all the benefits of modular bathroom construction. We can help you:

  • Establish cost certainty in using prefab bathrooms
  • Accelerate construction schedules for projects that incorporate modular bathrooms
  • Deliver the highest quality prefabricated bathrooms
  • Create efficiencies that help save time and lessen the environmental impact when you use prefab bathroom PODs

Pivotek’s unique approach to prefabricated bathroom PODs can change the way you build.

As a team of engineers, designers, and builders, we strive to consistently deliver top quality design for modular bathrooms, superior bathroom POD construction, and absolute project success for all projects that incorporate prefab bathroom or kitchenette PODs.

We start by providing a free, full-service consultation to determine how prefabricated bathroom PODs fit into your project. And because we have an efficient process for developing modular bathroom PODs, we can reduce waste of both time and materials.

About Pivotek
We are a modular bathroom manufacturing company that creates project specific, prefabricated bathroom PODs and kitchenette PODs, fully equipped with fixtures, plumbing and electrical. Our modular bathroom PODs can be shipped and installed anywhere in the United States and beyond.